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Tose’e Tejarat Edalat Aria

Tose’e Tejarat Edalat Aria production Group is a leading manufacturer and exporter in the rigid and semi-rigid PVC Sheets, soft PVC films, tablecloths, and flooring industries.
This company was registered in 2016 in order to create production and commercial units in the capable hands of Edalat Brothers in Tehran and its production activities started in a 17,000 square meter land located in Shams Abad Industrial Town, by obtaining an establishment license in the production of PVC products. Since then, improving and developing production, covering the domestic market, expanding exports, and penetrating foreign markets have been the main activities of Edalat Aria, and to achieve this, it has continuously put seven important factors at the forefront of its activities:

  • Effective communication with customers and ensuring their satisfaction as partners of Tose’e Tejarat Edalat Aria
  • Promoting the reputation and name of Edalat Aria
  • Upgrading production technology
  • Development and promotion of human resources
  • Development of new products
  • Quality control and improvement
  • Maintain and expand the market

Relying on God Almighty and using advanced and up to dated machines and equipment, and with the aim of growth and development of this industry and also cutting dependence on foreign products, this factory started operating and in the direction of achieving its valuable goals, using Valuable experiences of human resources and with the increase and variety of products in the PVC industry has always been significant and has been able to not only meet domestic demand in the short time of establishment but also helped to currency supply through exports.



Employing specialized and experienced personnel is one of the honors of this company.


Quality Control

Our motto is to produce a quality product that is competitive with European products.


Customer Orientation

Our flexibility is in the production of products based on customer needs.

فیلم فوق شفاف نرم پی وی سی، برند رویال
فیلم فوق شفاف نرم پی وی سی، برند پوکا
فیلم شفاف نرم پی وی سی، برند رونا
طلق نیمه خشک شفاف پودری پی وی سی، برند رونا
فیلم های نرم ورنی رنگی پی وی سی
فیلم های نرم مخصوص تولید چسب برق، برند عدالت آریا
طلق و ورق نیمه خشک پی وی سی
طلق و ورق خشک پی وی سی
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